Monday, October 20, 2008

Fabulosity Of The Day: Venus & Serena Do Harper's Bazaar

Venus and Serena are fabulous -- simply FABULOUS -- in the pages of November's Harper's Bazaar. Strike! No wait...that's bowling. No matter...I love it. Love it!!

I was repsondin to Elle's comment regardin Venus' horrible hair - which she says is a hell and no when I came up with my fabulous play on words. Wait for it....Venus and Serena are servin it! Stop it, I know right! No applaus please, you're too kind. I do this all for you, and for you, and for you, and for you......


Elle said...

Um...Venus' hair is a hell no and Serena's arms are DIESEL in them dresses! Wow.

F.U. said...

Elle you are more than right about Venus' hair BUT even with that poodle she's workin it. She's givin good face in that pic with her and Rena. But you know what, now that I look at it...most of the pics I posted are all of ReRe. Hey looka here, Venus tried mkay! She's Harper's servin it!

OMG, that's what I shoulda said instead of Strike! I shoulda said Venus and Rena are servin it! I'm makin that edit!