Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Startin Already...

First of all, I'm hatin on any lucky mofo that is off today. Columbus didn't discover shit but yet, ya'll chillin. Yeah, I'm definitely hatin.

Next, when you vote in November PUHLEASE be sure to check your ballot and make sure the name of the person you are votin for is on the damn ballot and is spelled correctly.

Yeah, you see that. The name on the ballot is Barack OSAMA. I hate people.

"Three hundred absentee ballots in Rensselaer County, New York included Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama with his name spelled “Osama”.

County Democratic Chairman Tom Wade said, “Of all the letters to hit by mistake, unfortunately it is a mistake which negatively impacts our Democratic candidate for president.”

Elections officials on both sides insist it was nothing more than a simple typographical error. Republican Commissioner Larry Bugbee added, “We have three different staff members who proof these things and somehow the typo got by us. We really apologize.”

Officials issued new ballots to all 300 voters since any corrections on a ballot nullifies a vote. The Obama campaign announced it was “glad officials are working to correct this error and we assume it won’t happen again”.

See they thought because they were absentee ballots nobody would say shit or nobody would catch it. Oh the fuckery!

And then if that weren't enough...why is Mariah wearin a bedazzled butterfly and why must Nick Cannon look like such a Douche?! YES I'm hatin!!!

This is so not a happy Monday. Ugh....



Dee said...

Wow, they are straight tryna send subliminal messages to folks, with that Osama nonsense. The "S" is not even close to the "B" on the keyboard! Oh, the desperation. Now that Palin has been deemed officially unethical, they are grasping at straws. I don't put it past them to "find" Osama Bin Laden the day before the election!

I actually think this will backfire though, and piss people off thoroughly so as to ensure votes for Barack Osama, Barack Hussein, Bin Laden Obama or whatever they throw out there.