Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yonce, Solo, Michelle, and Kelly

So I learned little tidbits about our favorite Destiny Chi'ren and the little sister, and I figured I may as well post them all together.

I'll start with Yonce and Solo. So memba I was tellin ya'll how Yonce is bout to conquer da world and part of her world domination is a beyond serious world tour? Well, it looks like baby sis Solo will be on that tour too! (shocker) But here is where it gets interesting..."Reports suggest that following the main show with Beyonce, fans will have access to an official after-party where they can see Solange perform at a smaller venue." Ummmmmm, she can't even be the openin act? She can't even perform on the same stage as Yonce/Sasha Fierce?? I mean she is blood relation. But who knows....maybe a lil Solo after party is just what you need after you done sweated your ass off gettin yourself bodied and tellin mofos to put a ring on it. (I kinda can't wait!) And seriously, don't Kelly and Michelle have albums out too? Couldn't they get some after party or opening act performance time too? I mean, I'm not sayin...but I'm sayin.

Next I had heard that Kelly, whom we've seen recently on vacation wit best friend Serena in Miami but really lives in the UK now because that's where they love her, is possibly dating Ursher. Say what now? Oh yes. The Usher who spent more time proving his love in magazines then actually loving his Jelly Belly -- that Usher. In case you all didn't know, baby #2 is coming next month and Ursher and Jelly Belly are officially dunzo. As we all knew they would be. I mean, what a fuckin waste of time, energy, and album sales. I mean dude wrote a whole paragraph of dedication to his Jelly in his album thank you for no reason. Loser. Shout out to Mitzi Miller for writing the best Ursher article in VIBE -- the only journalist to actually point out how defensive and completely over dramatic Usher is tryin to prove his love for no reason. (Side note...I'm hatin on your calendar right now Mitzi!!!) Anyhoo....I've totally gotten off subject. This is about Destiny Chi'ren. Kelly. Right. So I don't really believe it, BUT if Ursher and Kelly are tryna make love in da club then I love it! That is a gorgeous and talented couple right there. And isn't that what we all really want anyway? We like for our celeb couples to match -- on all levels.

Lastly, Michelle. Poor Michelle. Her album is out now and no one gives two shits. She has a new video and Yonce's videos (both of them) are still the featured videos on Yahoo! Music. You have to search for Michelle's even tho it's new! But can I just say that while I think she looks great -- I love the lilac dress she's wearing in the video and the hair cut looks fab -- this video is BORING as all hell! This song is BORING!! MICHELLE! You are competin with tellin Mofos to put rings on it and being a boy!!!! GET IT TOGETHA! I don't even know what else you could have done for this song in terms of a video but you rollin around in sheets doesn't cut it. Not at all. No, no and no. That firefighter is hot tho. Gospel is callin boo. That's your lane....stay in it.


Anonymous said...

F'ing HILARIOUS!!! About Usher though, I heard on the radio that they are still together but his management decided not to release any info of him and "Jelly Belly" (lol) or pics of them together because Usher's marriedness isn't a good look for album sales.

F.U. said...

kelielise - I just read something about them trying to stay together until after the baby is born next month because Usher doesn't want to be seen as a man who would leave his pregnant wife. Either way - if he stays with Jelly or not - the shit is fake. They made two back to back babies for no reason and it was fake from day one and there is nothing his management or anybody - even Ursher and Jelly Belly themselves - can say to change that fact.