Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bad Girls Club

So the best part of the Atlanta Housewives Reunion was Dwight, his wet and wavy weave, him telling Kim that they have to 'work on bringing her into the 21st century' cuz her wig is a hot dead rodent mess, Kim crying and lying about having Cancer, and of course, NeNe. I waited for Lisa to smack the shit out of Kim but it looks like if that really did happen, we'll never see it...BUT I do want to point out how odd it seemed that Lisa was able to just tell Kim how she will flip her over the couch and she's not the one and Kim didn't say anything in response and it just went to the next topic. Something tells me some shit got edited. Anyway, I'm going to miss my weekly dose of NeNe, BUT I have yet something even more out of control and totally unnecessary to look forward to AND I will actually get to SEE bitches catch beat downs!! See for yourself!



Dee said...

WHOO! I love me some BGC! Between that show, Lost and 24, and ocuntless others, I will be locked in my house for the winter.

Have a wonderferous Thanksgiving, boo!

Geoffrey said...

Dwight uncanny appearance to Nick Ashford saddens and perplexes me all at once

F.U. said...

Dee thanks dahling! I did have a yummy and fun filled Thanks. I hope you enjoyed yours too!

OMG Geoffrey, that is exactly who he looks like!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! All NeNe needs is some extenstions and a poof bang to the side and they can be Solid as a Rock!

As much as I love it, I do understand why you are sad and perplexed all at once tho, boo. I mean, look at it. But then I look at it and I love it!! I know....I don't have the good sense of corn bread.

Luh u boo!

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO @ Kim's wig..she does need to retire that Dolly Parton wig lol

and the Bad Girls Club..I already knew it was going to be offdachain. I watched last season's reunion show last night and then an episode of the new season..can we say CRAZY BITCHES...I LOVE IT!!! lol