Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Living Your Life Like It's Golden?

I loves me some Jill Scott. Love me some her! But this can't be my Jill, can it? Seems it is. Jill is all in love and stuff and she done got her new boo's name tatted on her neck - and he of course showed her the same honor.

AND word has it that Jill is preggers and, altho she and John are engaged to be married, she will be John's fourth baby motha and this will be his fourth kid.

I just never thought Jill would be the type to get a name inked on her. She of all people knows all about that He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)kind of love and how that shit will come to an end. Not to mention, isn't there an age limit on this kind of silliness? Oh Jill.

I'm not happy about this. However, if she gave me peaches out of her own garden, no I wouldn't still be mad at her. And if she is pregnant, I cannot wait to hear the songs about her new baby love. Let's just hope it isn't a song about how you created life with this dude and he walked away but you gonna love your baby anyway.


(vixenchick) said...

i'm pissed at jill! just say no to the tattoos!

Anonymous said...

yea i couldn't believe this either but, hey she can always get a cover up if need be