Friday, November 7, 2008

How Times Change!

Memba when Kim Cattrall wouldn't even talk about doing a Sex And The City Movie unless she was paid what she felt she deserved to play the much necessary and more than loved Samantha? She told the Advocate:

“I never expected to be paid what Sarah was being paid. Sarah’s a producer. But I felt that the offer was not worthy of what the three of us had contributed, and I spoke up about it. You know, my dad was a big union guy. He felt that the workers should get a part of it.”

“I’m a woman in my 50s. I’m not living with some multimillionaire. I’m it. Negotiation is about getting more money, and I think, Would they have a problem with this if I were a man? You look at James Gandolfini. He stood up and said, ‘Hey, I’m worth it.’  It’s like, ‘Oh, don’t make any waves. Just be a good girl and take it.’ And you know, I’m happy with my deal, ultimately. I feel like I stuck my neck out. I fought. I don’t ever want to be on a set where I feel undervalued.”

Well clearly the $6 million she got paid to do the first movie was more than enough and then with the success of the movie, she's too excited to tell the world that there will indeed be a sequel and it's official.

But hold up now Kim! I'm sure the movie will be happening but according to Sarah Jessica, shit ain't confirmed just yet. SJP says: "I'm thrilled to know Kim is excited but all the deals are not yet done," Parker said in a statement to Access Hollywood. "With the wind on our heels, we hope to make it a reality."

What she meant to say was, tell that bitch to shut the fuck up. I run this, I'm the executive producer, the movie is about me, and I'm the one who tells the world that shit is on and poppin.

So don't break out the cosmos yet...

We need the greenlight from SJP.