Friday, November 7, 2008

Sumtin In Da Milk Ain't Clean

With the joy and excitement that we have all been experiencing, the loss that Jennifer Hudson is dealing with was pushed to the side -- at least by the media. The private funeral service that was held for Jennifer's mom, brother and nephew, was attended by Oprah, Queen Latifah, and Clive Davis. Fantasia, sang at the service and Jennifer spent a few moments at each of the caskets and at her mother's casket, leaned down and kissed her good-bye.

As sad as that is, look at what is on Julia's Myspace page.

Da hell??!!! I'm gonna hope that some evil person with too much time on their hands is behind this and not Julia. I'm just curious could this go up and she not take it down immediately - if it wasn't put up by Julia herself. I mean, TMZ had enough to find this shit. I have to say, while I can't claim to know how anyone should grieve the lost of a child, a mother, or a sibling, something just don't seem right with this Julia and the people she chooses to deal with. She is gettin a MASSIVE crooked eye.



pinkyblue said...

you're not the only one. who blogs so soon after losing a child unexpectedly? questionable on a good day

Miss P said...

i was the only one of my siblings at my mother's side when she passed, and subsequently had to be the strong one at the service when my sister lost her damn mind and tried to jump in the cakset. we were lucky enough to say her goodbyes and she passed quietly and it was still devastating, so my heart truly goes out to jennifer because her loss is magnified, she didnt get to say goodbye, and it was such a horrible tragedy.

and it took me a month to be able to tell people who knew her but didnt know that she was gone, and even longer to actually say she had died. i think something is seriously wrong with julia.

Dee said...

This Julia chick has been suspect from the beginning. She updated her MySpace page the day after her mother and brother died (which depicted what a hoodrat she is), and while her son was still missing. Word around is that her hubby threated to kill her fam 2 weeks before it actually happened. Now this? I think she should be charged as an accessory.

Anonymous said...

In bigger news, the p.r. community is in silent aewe that Beyonce never called J Hud personally to send condolences

The F$%K it List said...

I am so not happy with this Julia chick. First Dee told me that the day her family was killed she was on myspace and now this 'ISH. JHub, please write your sister the hell off.