Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If You Were A Boy

Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men (he always looked like a malnourished chocolate alien but he was always my favorite) has written a response to Yonce's "If I Were Boy" and it's kinda dope. Just read the lyrics....

If you were a boy, you'd understand
How it feels when she says your best ain't good enough
And you know you're doing all that you can

You'd go to the bar
Drink a few shots of Patron
Just so you can deal with a woman
Who makes you feel unwanted in your own home

If you were a boy
You would finally see
How it's so frustrating when your woman
Tries to change the man she knew you would be

You listen to her
But wonder Does she listen to me?
Maybe then you'd understand
Being a man's much more harder than you belive

If you were a boy
You would notice right away
You could be so unkind if I change my mind
So unforgiving when I make a mistake
Then you find you have to laugh
When the coins flipped on its back

She looks in your eyes, with selfish pride.
And says " I'm a girl and I'm allowed to do that ".. (Now ain't that some Shit?)

If you were a boy
You would finally see
How it's so frustrating when your woman
Tries to change the man she knew you would be.

You listen to her
But wonder does she listen to me?
You were sure that the girl you lived with, ain't always as sweet as she believes.

I'm the one whose there for you when you're emotionally weak
But only when you're strong, is when the world is allowed to speak
I see all the imperfections, I see all the flaws...
When that make up comes off.

And let the church say Amen! I'm sooooo not mad at this. For starters, I love Shawn's voice (you betta sang boy!) And for two, I agree more than wholeheartedly. As much as women bitch and complain about men, there are women that treat men like shit and spend all of their time trying to change their man into someone she wishes he could be, instead of just loving and appreciating him for who he is. OR because she's so desperate to have a man, would rather stay with someone she doesn't care about and hope that she can make him somebody he's not or just be happy to get material things. And it is often the nice guys, the ones who just want to love and take care of you that would love you flaws and all that get the daily bitch treatment. WHY IS THAT??? Sigh, if only I had the answer.....

It goes both ways...men and women take each other for granted, treat each other any kind of way, make games of relationships....and then that karma comes back to yo ass.

Anyway, to listen to Shawn's song click: Cuz You Know You Ain't Cute In Da Mornin


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Elle said...

That's all well and good but question: what rock did he crawl out from under???? I mean he really must have been feeling a certain kind of way about it!

Jess said...

i like it!