Monday, November 3, 2008

Make That Change

Hey Bitches!!! So I've been a lil outta pocket these past few days, dippin and divin, handlin my bizness, and tryna fit it in where I can get it in. More importantly, I can't really focus on anything else except the fact that if this country fucks up one more gin, I'm packin my shit and I'm out. I mean these Republicans will stop at NOTHING to cheat us out of a victory. Calling black people and telling them their day to vote is on November 5th, fuckin up Barack's name on ballots, and THIS BULLSHIT!

But fear not my dumplings, I and we believe, truly, that change is coming and joy will reign over us all on Tuesday. In the mean time, I can't be worried about the extraness. So that means that you prolly won't be hearing from me again until it is all official and I've recovered...that could be from utter elation and drunken happiness and celebration or from utter depression, mourning, and drunken hate for all.

So I just ask that you all keep the faith, make sure you vote, and pray that this country gets it right this time.

Luh u, bye bitches!!!


Anonymous said...

The Repubs are sinking to all new lows...even for them. The one that got me the most was the flyer that went out saying Republicans vote Nov 4th, Democrats Nov 5th.

Those bishes kill me I swear. Hopefully Obama will win and I will be doing the George Jefferson walk all day Nov 5!

eclectik said...

Dope Blog

I voted early and wanna do it again LOL

I'm SURE they can steal this one...just hoping that they wont.


babybrown said...

"George Jefferson walk"... HA LOL

I'm claiming the victory!!!

P.S. I will send you money or jewels, if only you would change that masthead picture... it gives me nightmares!lol All I keep thinking is 'The Color Purple' when I see that picture... and I think 'You sho is ugly' LOL... you have to think about changing that pic sista gurl ;) LOL

Dee said...

OMG I am so wired right now... can't focus on work at all. I never in my lifetime thought I would see the day that this could all be possible. I got my bubbly on chill, ready to celebrate! (Or drown my sorrows.)

Cheryl Deone said...


Anonymous said...

Yea meng! I'm amped!

Anonymous said...

Yea meng! I'm amped!