Monday, November 10, 2008

Why Wayans Brothers? Just Why?

So this is the poster for the next Wayans Brothers movie. It is like they strive to come up with the most wackest shit ever. And these are funny and talented people, so it just confuses me how buffoonery and totally not funny bullshit is always on the agenda when it comes to thse guys. The poster for the movie is the worst but besides that, why can't they come up with anything original? Why must all of their movies be satirical takes on movies that were already dumb that we don't need even dumber non-funny re-makes of? What happened to the "Coming to Americas"? Well I guess there will and forever be only one of those but didn't there used to be people making movies worth your dollars that were actually funny and entertaining?

I don't know. I just saw this poster and got real mad. Here you have people who have the means to make whatever movies they want, that are about something and actually funny. I'm not saying that they need to be all thought provoking but our President is BLACK. Our First Lady is Black! Can we make a movie that is smart and funny? It's been done before, Wayans. What say you give it a go next time? Mkay? Thanks. Luh u, bye.


The F$%K it List said...

I'm so over Sean and Marlon Wayans and their "soft shoe". This is not comedy, its laziness in its purest form.

I'm just going to watch Hollywood Shuffle and "I'm gonna get you sucka" everytime they put out one of these awful movies. Those were both funny and thought provoking (well Hollywood shuffle was thought provoking)