Monday, December 8, 2008

Code 10 Man Down!!!!

Ummmmm, Keyshia Cole sang the National Anthem at the Oscar De La Hoya fight and seriously, just why? #1 we know you can sing Key, what is with all the extra SANGIN? (Why do people do that when singin this one particular song???) And #2 and most important, is Frankie now your stylist and did Neffe do your hair? No, boo. In the name of Lil Mama, just hell and no.


Elle said...

WTFug was she thinking? That wig is atrocious and aged her bout 20 years. And what in fabric hell were those ruffled wings on her arms? If that wasn't enough, her performance sounded like a warbled tape that kept being sped up and slowed down. Damn Keysh, come better next time.

Geoffrey said...

It's like a MAD TV skit

Anonymous said...

Yea i saw pics of her during this on another blog and wtf was she thinking wearing that hair.