Monday, December 22, 2008

Is Steve Harvey A Child Abuser?

"Steve Harvey's ex-wife Mary Lee Harvey recently took Steve to court claiming he's abusing their son. According to online reports: October 14th, Mary says her son, who lives with Steve Harvey in the Atlanta area, came to visit her in Dallas. Mary says it was during that visit when she noticed bruises and puncture marks on the child’s body. Those who examined the boy say the wounds were likely made by a belt buckle and the bruising from a paddle-like instrument. A nurse examining the child at Plano Medical Center summoned police because of the severe nature of the injuries. A police report has not been made available to Mary Lee Harvey; however, she has corroborating medical reports from a child psychologist, a pediatrician and others who examined the child. Luckily Harvey says there was no internal damage done as a result of the alleged abuse."

See, now I'm not saying he actually is a child abuser, but I am saying that anyone who would wear an afro-top fade toupee well into his fifties, has huge fake teeth, and then would rock a Mr. Clean baldy even with that ginormous head of his, and think that that above picture is sexy....could potentially be a child abuser.

I don't know if you guys listen to Steve Harvey's radio show, but he would be the first one to go off on somebody who is an abuser of any kind. Then again, he does talk about how kids need to get their asses whooped when they get out of line....and he ain't neva lied about that. However, there is a limit and you don't have to beat a kid until they have puncture marks all over their body for them to get the message. Anyway, let's hope these allegations are false.



Geoffrey said...

I'm mad about this photo. He is really looking like a gay leather daddy version of Ernie on here.

Conjuring up horroble images of the Ving Rhames gimp scene in Pulp Fiction. "No mama don't!"

Carsi said...

wow I couldn't have phrased that better myself Geoffrey

The F$%K it List said...

That picture is disturbing! I sometimes wish he have kept that fake hair!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with this pic? I think he's VERY SEXY! Quit hate'n