Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Muziq: Brandy - Long Distance

Brandy's new video for her second single, 'Long Distance' has arrived and I LOVE IT! I think she looks better than she's ever looked in this video. She really looks so pretty and the video is beautifully simplistic. I'm so happy for Bran! Er'body talkin bout Britney makin her comeback - ie, since her father has her on lock down she can't shave her head, sex-up random paparazzi and spend all her money in Starbucks and she can now get back to the music - but Brandy is making a serious comeback too. Homegirl has made it thru some shit - memba she had a moment where she was lookin kinda crackish? - and she's back and she's Human and I love her. Her album 'Human' comes out on December 9th.


Geoffrey said...

Wow, Brandy got a hot oil reatment. I'm still concerned about her edges, b/c Isense some tom foolery under the wig

F.U. said...

Geoffrey, I can't witchu! And I didn't want to say nothin* but I'm glad you did mention somethin bout the wig situation....were you referring to when her hair was gettin wet? Yeah...see some people prolly shouldn't do wet wigs/weaves in videos when they don't have edges. However, I think there was enough coverage so that even with the wet thinnin in the front, it still worked. Despite that one baby piece in the front.

*Yes, sometimes I don't want to say nothin. Believe it or not.