Monday, December 29, 2008

Unfaithful: Model Behavior

Somebody had to tell me today was Monday. The days just seemed to have blended...beautifully I might add. Isn't that the best part about being on holiday for the holidays? You eat, drink, sleep, chilax, eat, drink, sleep, chilax...until someone reminds you that you might actually have shit to do and you wonder where your motivation I love the holidays. Anyhoo...I did have some things to do today, and I thought I would see what's goin on in da world. As I was doin my research, I came across a fashion spread called "Unfaithful" featuring Nik and Jade from America's Next Top Model and the ridiculous hotness that is Miguel Perdomo. The photoshoppin is more than a bit extra, but nevertheless, they did the damn thing on this shoot. I love the Unfaithful theme too....seein as how Unfaithful seems to be the theme of oh so many....

Loves it!



Postcards from Simitopia! said...

As I'm fairly ignorant of models and their names, I've actually never heard of this guy before....but an immediate phrase comes to mind..."Break me off a piece o' that!" ;)

Elle said...

You will not just throw Miguel on the blog like it's all g. Next time warn a sista! You know he gives me hot flashes. :)

For more on Miguel check out my exclusive interview with his royal hotness himself


Anonymous said...

Nik really needs to go back to the makeover Tyra gave her. She looks busted now. She is not the prettiest girl, and the curly hair helped hide her face a little. I love Jade! But she looks better with shirt hair too. She looks less model-y with long hair.
And yes it is great being on break from school and work and letting the days run together and sleeping, eating, sleeping, and eating. I love it!!!!