Wednesday, December 31, 2008

F.U.'s Year In Review

Before I throw da dueces to 2008, I wanted to take a minute to think about this year and rezusgh some of the highlights.

I really enjoyed my "What Do You Say After Sex" post....I've ended up saying #3 after a seriously athletic fantastic wipe down and #1 after wasting 3 minutes of my life.

I fell in and out of love with Amy Wino. She took her crack head status to a whole notha level. Brown teef and all.

This Sherri Shepherd outfit still pisses me off:

Robert and JuneBug definitely get my vote for favorite marriage proposal.

This season of So You Think You Can Dance was the bestest EVER!

My poodle Christian Siriano won Project Runway...definitely may fave reality show with a purpose winner.

Life in the Fab Lane with Kimora and my favorite little girls in the world, Ming and Aoki Lee provided serious entertainment for me. Especially from my Aoki. Love them!

I still laugh until I can't breathe when I watch Jo-Jo pass out on stage and K-Ci keeps singing.

Yonce definitely showed all this bitches how its done....every other R&B chic had to push back their albums, got dropped from Ashanti sangin at Christmas tree lightings and Ciara coming up with bullshit wack ass alter egos and making "remixes" to Yonce's songs (and I said it again dumb bitch! haha!) and Single Ladies had to be the most You Tubed song ever.

I could go on for days, but I can't drank is waitin.

2008 saw lots of sadness, tragedy, and ridiculous bullshit. There were marriages, births, and divorces....But there was also the best thing to ever happen to this country and this world, and that of course was the election of the first Black president, Barack Obama.

2008 has been GREAT, a lot in part thanks to you bitches. I appreciate every last one of you who support the F.U. Movement and those of you hate and motivate. Now go and party like its 2009!

Happy New Year!!!

Luh U!!



Geoffrey said...

OMFG! I had not seen or heard that Jo Jo /K Ci sutatuion until now. BAFOONERY! If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I'd be yelling "lies and manipulations". Where is Dr Drew when you need him?