Thursday, December 4, 2008

Who Should Michelle O Be Wearing?

Every designer and I mean EVERY designer wants to dress Michelle Obama for the Inaugural Ball and they have all submitted their sketches and are hopin and prayin that she picks theirs. While a few are just too extra, most are simply stunning. The best part is that no matter who Michelle decides to wear, she'll do it flawlessly. But let us go through some of her options and decide for her....

Carolina Herrera - I love it but, I'm not sure I want Michelle wearing green at the ball...I think maybe we should save this for the after party.

Diane Von Furstenberg - I really like this. Not sure how I feel about that bow tho.

Karl Lagerfield - I see where Karl is goin with the gown and the suit but I think both are a tad too safe.

Oscar de la Renta - Now this I love! Michelle's dress is gorgeous! Malia's dress could use one less ruffle but both Malia and Sasha's dresses are pretty and age appropriate. And of course there is that American red, white and blue theme.

Monique Lhuillier - LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

Betsey Johnson - Betsey, I know that you are a hot mess by nature but do you really think Michelle Obama is going anywhere in this three toned bullshit?! And is that a red bow just slapped on the front of the dress for no reason? And you got a flower on there. How dare you.?

Christian Lacroix - Could do without the flag. I like these colors but I'm not feelin the turtle neck. Why is she so covered up? There seems to be a lot of fabric. No.

Christian Lacroix #2 - Mkay this one is much better, cuz I'm loving the drama of it all but again, a lil too much fabric...what is it about all that stuff goin on at the neck? The other dress had the turtle neck and this one looks like she might choke on all that fabric after she ties her cape. I'm not feelin that flag purse but the dress itself is pretty tho.

Rachel Roy - I like the classic simplicity of this dress. Looks Jackie Oish.

Rodarte - I like the draping and the tulling and stuff goin on here. Cute.

Tracy Reese - Beautiful. This looks like Michelle to me.

Zac Posen - Zac I will crack your skull. Are you dressin Harriet Tubman or Michelle Obama? Is that a mammy bonnet on her head? Da hell?!

Michael Kors - LOVES IT! I love the blue, I love the one shoulder and I love the way the dress falls. Love it!!!

Marc Jacobs - This isn't fancy enough. Too plain.

Badgley Mischka - Gorgeous!

Issac Mizrahi - These are all very pretty. I don't know if I like tangerine for Malia's dress but the basic concepts of all dresses I like a lot.

My absolute favorite is the Monique Lhuillier. That dress is BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE IT! I love the red, I love the elegance and the design is so regal. Michelle is the Queen of the ball and that dress would let the world know. (I'll be happy if she goes with the Michael Kors gown too.) Go to WWD to look at all of the rest of the designs.


Geoffrey said...

If I had to rank them, it's be #1 Rodarte, #2 Lhullier, and #3 Issac.

I have GOT to find out who her wardrobe stylist is! I need to pimp my colletion.

molly said...

hahaa i love your answers and i totally agree!

Eb the Celeb said...

I like the sketch with her and the girls... even though I dont like the girls dresses... that grey on top down to white is fly...

I like the purple one

and I like the last one I think but I would need to see the actual dress to be sure

[Emeritus] said...

i love the red. it jumped right out a me. so did the other one shouldered blue number and Bagdley Mischka and the Tracy Reese. I hope she doesn't go with the Marc Jacobs or Rachel Roy. I sense she might try to play it safe. said...

Hi there!!

I cracked up so hard at your comment about the red, white and blue gown with the bow and flower!!! *LOL*

The red gown off the shoulder is it!! I heard that Michelle is wearing a navy gown. I think she looks great in red!!

I think Malia is too young to wear off the shoulder dresses...she's 10 not 16 and this is not prom.