Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why You Named Your Daughter Baracka

I mean, DUH.



mberenis said...

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The F$%K it List said...

I love me some Barack but I BE DAMNED if I see one girl named any version of Barack, Might have to chuck my shoes at their parents.

[Emeritus] said...

My friend has a sister named Barakah and was obviously named before he became president. I think it's a fairly common name within Muslim communities.

Postcards from Simitopia! said...

Interestingly, I think there is a film called "Baraka" too (no "c" in there though).....Um... this really has nothing to do with the lovely Obama though.....haha! I'm just imagining if people over here in Australia started naming their kidlies after our Prime Minister... Ruddy, Ruddette, Ruddina...? But...that would never happen because he's a nerd.
Anyway, I'm an idiot. I love your blog! Funny laughy times!