Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eva & Lance Keep It Spicy

Eva and Lance do Rolling Out Magazine for their V-day issue....I can't with these two. The hotness is just ReeDickUlous!!!! They are sooo gorgeous. You would think all they have to do is stare at each other, but even they need to add a lil spice to keep it hot...they have a pole.

Rolling Out: So how do you keep things spicy in your relationship?

Eva: We work hard to keep things spicy in our relationship. We role-play a lot.

Lance: (laughs) She’s got a couple of outfits …I’m not gonna tell you everything though.

Eva: We have a pole…

Lance: (smiling) We do have a pole. It’s a nice pole too.

Eva: WE don’t have a pole. YOU have a pole.

Lance: Hey, that is our pole. We are in this thing together … the pole is removable too. And it comes with all of these accessories. You can order a stage and get lights too.

Eva: We are not getting a stage … But yeah, that’s how we keep things fresh in our relationship.

Lance: So after she cooks dinner, she gets on the pole. Tacos and the pole! Yeah!!!

Eva: We sound like a real west coast couple … Tacos and the pole.

Lance: I'm just playing with you …but we do have a pole.

Eva: (laughs) Yeah we do.

Tacos and a pole never sounded so zexy....



ToshaRenelle said...

They are HOTT! and adorable!

glennishamorgan said...

Why does everyone say the same thing when it comes to keep it spicey, outfits, role play, etc. I wanna learn some new shit.

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