Monday, February 16, 2009


Soooooooo I really didn't want to mention not one word about the show "For the Love of Ray-J"....really didn't. Of course I watch the show...VH1 has mastered the bullshit women after one man recipe that comes on 12 times a day so you can't help but watch...but even after I learned about the Danger girl saying she was preggers with Ray-J's baby even tho she is now supposedly engaged to Nick Cannon's lil brother, I STILL didn't want to waste 5 mins of my life bloggin about this trash. HOWEVER, it seems Danger has admitted to being a prostitute on DJ’s Hutch Daddy Dolla radio show. Like a for real, for real prostitute...but she's not glorifying it. Yeah....just listen to Part 3. (Click: Our society is in real trouble. This bitch is on the radio.)

So for those of you who don't watch the show, you aren't missing anything. It is Flavor of Love with a hotter guy who doesn't make you want to vomit in your mouth at the thought of anybody touching him...let alone kissing him. The women are also younger and cuter. He gave them names, just like Flav did, and this chic Danger so far seems to be Ray-J's favorite. In the first episode he touches her bres-a-sis supposedly only a few minutes after meeting (even tho she then talks about what a ho Chardonnay is for droppin into her stripper split and starts poppin that ass), and then in the second episode she gets time on a special date with Ray-J and they are makin out something serious in front of the other two girls on the date. Needless to say, both episodes she gets the first glass of champagne (which is equivalent to the clock or the rock of love tour pass). In the third and most recent episode, the two girls who gave Ray-J a massage while talking about all the other girl's dirt got the first two glasses, followed by Danger. Clearly, the other girls are more than threatened by her. Are you sick of this yet?

Mkay, so the point of all of this is that just recently, The National Enquirer puts out the story which tells the world that Danger now says she is three months preggers with Ray-J's baby. Ray-J denies all of it, of course. And I mean, it is the National Enquirer AND she is a former prostitute who is tryna find her 2.5 minutes of fame. I just assumed we'll see what happens on the Reunion show. But then to learn that she was a prostitute, as prolly so are most of the other women who do these shows, I just decided to blog about this simply because I just cannot believe that this is our entertainment, that people are actually becoming F-listers for fuckin. I don't why I'm in amazement, as its nothing new but still....just why?

Are we in danger of truly becoming dumb idiots obsessed with mind-numbing bullshit who live for 24 hour ridiculousness? Or are we already there? I dunno...the fact that I spend my time bloggin about such shit maybe puts me in the already there category, huh? Daayum! Blame it on the alcohol...