Monday, February 23, 2009

F.U. To The Rescue!

Hey Bitches!! So I'm all kinds of busy today (translation: I'm tired and I can't) so I didn't really plan on posting today. My alcoholic steez was on high and I passed out and missed most of the Oscars, but I did see the red carpet and I just wanted to say that I thought Viola and Taraji looked great and I'm really proud of them and I just wanted to know why Yonce thought it was OK to wear her mother's window treatments to the show?

Anyway, what is more important here is that I got a most interesting request for advice, and that got me motivated just enough to hit up my blogger.


My name is X%^*?$ and a friend I work with reads your blog. One day I was at his cube and saw him reading something in pink letters, and I was like what the hell are you reading kid? And he was telling me that his girl put him on to your blog and you are funny as hell. So I had to check you out. When I was going through your blog just like reading some of your older postings, I came across one of your post about whether or not black women should start looking into dating white men, or the "Something New" like you said.

I am a white guy and I have a very serious crush on a beautiful Black woman but she refuses to date me for no other reason than me being white. We hang out a lot, we talk on the phone, and we have fun together. I have tried to express my feelings to her without making it seem like I'm a punk, and she just kind of laughs it off and she says that she sees me as her friend and she isn't attracted to white men. You mentioned white people not having lips, so I recently asked her if it was because I don't have lips and she just laughed at me.

I just want to know if you think I should just move on or if you think that I can eventually get her to see that color doesn't matter and if we like each other then we should just go for it and see how it goes.

Dear White Boy,

I think it is very cool that you support the YISIAW movement and decided to reach out and get some help with your situation. And here is what I think. First, the Something New post you are referring to I wrote a while ago and I did say that white people don't have lips, but obviously that isn't always true...Angelina has lips and so does her baby Shiloh. And if your friend laughed at you when you asked her, maybe you are part of the large few that don't. But the point of the post was to ask if Black women should start dippin in that vanilla yogurt. And I am now of the thinking that you should be open to what you like.

With that said, if she doesn't date white guys, then she has a preference and that is just that. On the other hand, there could be a few reasons this chic doesn't like you and she could be telling you that it is just because she doesn't date white men instead of saying, that you're fug. Like if she was gonna date a white guy, and she normally doesn't, then you prolly got to be one hot ass white guy and that just may not be you. Also, maybe she really does just see you as a friend. Some guys just fall into the friend role really well and we don't want to fuck that up. Like once you cross the friendship line it can be hard to come back to that. Maybe she values your friendship way too much.

I say back off, stop being so pressed and if she decides to change her mind, then she knows where to find you. Maybe start trying to like women who like you back, no matter what color you are.


BabyBrown said...

Dear FU & White Boy,

I really understand where you are coming from… a few years ago I met a wonderful man who became my best friend and who just proposed to me a few days ago… he’s White and I’m Black.

At the end of the day, we are friends and I think that is what really matters… race shouldn’t.

I agree with the wonderful FU that you should focus on being with someone who really desires you, for all of your greatness and your flaws…

If she can’t get past race, imagine how her family might behave…would you really want all of that drama???

At the end of the day life is trying enough and not being fully accepted by a person that you care about will only make things harder.

Trust me, there are plenty of sistas who aren’t afraid to celebrate and sample the beautiful variety of men in this world…

From Dark chocolate to French vanilla… don’t worry you’ll find a queen (no matter her race, color or creed) that will love you back… keep it in prayer and continue to keep it real!!!


BabyBrown said...
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babybrown said...

sorry FU (it went through twice)... P.S. How are you Sweetie Pie??? :)

Geoffrey said...

Dude, I know plenty of single successful smart black women that have no problem dating a white boy. As long as you know how to breathe through your nose and eat p#ssy like a champ you could be in there. Hence, move on to the next sister. There are plenty that will be happy to give you and a relationship a try.

Sidebar, I'm assuming you are covering the basics when it comes to employment, hygiene, having your own place, all of your teeth, etc.

F.U. said...

Congrats BabyBrown!!! I knew that was coming! And you are a wonderful example of how love can truly be color blind if you open yourself up to the possibilites. Luh u boo!

Geoffrey....let the church say AMEN! He is employed but I chose not to ask whether or not he washes his ass cuz I wanted to believe that the girl he loves wouldn't even hang out with him if his body stinks or his mouth smells like he has a rotten toofus or if he doesn't even have all of his teefus. What we don't know is how well he can eat that coochie....and I mean, isn't that what's most important here?