Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why Is The 2nd Richest African American Such A Loser?

I can't believe I am talking about 50 cents two days in a row BUT according to Forbes Magazine, "Curtis Jackson is the second highest-earning African-American superstar, with an estimated earning of $150 million. This places him behind Oprah Winfrey and in front of movie mogul Tyler Perry."

I just need to know how a man who is listed behind Oprah in terms of money doesn't have anything else better to do with his time than to take other rappers baby motha's shopping for furs and focus on destroying their names? I would think now that he has made all that money, a rapper who obviously don't have no money and who has done his own good job of fuckin up his career wouldn't even be worth his thought process. No?

Anyway, if you care, Rick Ross spoke to Miss Info and told her that he knew his baby motha was gonna see 50 and he's all for her makin extra cash. Great. To listen, click: I'd give anything for the days of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince.



glennishamorgan said...

50 is a coon and this mess that he's pulling with Rick Ross and his baby mom's is ridiculous. He has too much money but, apparently too much time on his hands to be back to his old childish ways. *sigh*