Friday, February 6, 2009

Why People Should Have To Pass A Test To Be A Parent

Ann Curry interviewed the idiot bitch who just gave birth to 8 babies when she had 6 at home and no job. Nadya Suleman says that she isn't selfish and she's always wanted a huge family since she grew up an only child in a dysfunctional family. She also says that she'll be able to afford all her kids when she is done with her schooling. WHERE DA FLUFF DO I BEGIN?!

First of all, what da fuck is she goin to school for that is going to help her take care of 14 kids? Not to mention, I'm assuming she's takin classes online cuz who da fuck is gonna take care of 14 kids while she goes to school? And since all her kids were created by in vitro, she don't get no child support, so who is helping her pay for school, baby sitters, food, diapers and er'thing else needed to take care of 14 damn kids. Bill fuckin Gates only got 3 kids.

And seriously, HOW DID SHE PAY FOR IN VITRO????? This wasn't like she was just fuckin somebody and her eggs just happened to split 8 damn times. NOOOOOOO! She doesn't work and lives in like a two bedroom apartment. The doctor who helped her make those babies should be arrested. And why he had to put so many eggs in? I just don't get it. This is all some bullshit.

AND the hospital bill alone for 8 of those babies who will have to stay in the hospital for weeks is going to be well over 1.5 million dollars. Who is paying for that? And they said that even tho the babies are living, they are going to have all kinds of health and development issues.

Of course she is gonna end up getting her own show like The fuckin Duggars or my favorite family with too many kids, Jon and Kate plus 8 (seriously, I love those kids) but still, I don't think it is right that she can just populate the world on a most ridiculous level when she don't have two nickels to rub together. Prime example of why bitches need to be scrapped out. Ugh!



Miss P said...

i love jon and kate plus 8 too! cara, alexis, and hannah are my fav.

and the duggars, i swear i dont know how her husband is still hittin that. after 18 babies, her cooch has got to be stretched the hell out. i bet all she has to do is sneeze and her babies pop out!

laughing808 said...

ROFL at the entire post....

all types of foolish people are coimg out of the wood work and this was certainly one of them

F.U. said...

Miss P my favorite Jon & Kates are Aden, Alexis, Collin (and his big ass head), Hannah, Joel, and Leah. Ummmmm, I guess I love them all cuz I love Maddy and Cara too. But if I had to pick one it would be Aden.

Anyway, I also forgot to mention that this bitch said she came from a dysfunctional family.....UMMMMMM, what makes her think that she is gonna know how to take care of 14 kids by herself when it is obvious that her dysfunctional upbringing made her a dumb ass who just wants to play house?

I can't.

one little simitopian said...

Scary isn't it? I feel sorry for the poor kids. How the hell could you possibly find the time in the day to give each of those 14 kids the attention and love they need???? Not to mention the fact that these poor babies need food, education and all the rest. Who the hell is going to pay for it?
And yeah, that stupid doctor needs to be given his marching orders.
What a fucking moron.