Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad Girls...

But not really. Who has been watching this season of the Bad Girls club? Of course I have and I have been thoroughly entertained. Not enough to talk about it each week on the blog, but enough for me to make sure I tune in each week. The finale episode was a womp womp BUT it looks like the reunion is gonna be a mess of all ridiculous proportions. Lucky Perez is hosting....and here is a clip of what we can expect tonite.

Oh my, how many times can one call and be called a bitch? Seems like it is the only word these bitches know! But what I want to know is, Kayla (girl in the yellow plaid jacket thing) since when is beatin a bitch down arm flailing? I don't understand how one can talk so much shit and never once throw a fist.

Anyhooo, tune in tonight on Oxygen at 10 PM.


The F$%K it List said...

I watched this mess of a reunion, and Kayle is just a big mouth no action. She's so stupid, what because she is from Compton she's tough ~ FAIL!

Anonymous said...

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