Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Steve Harvey: Act Like A Writer, Think Like A Thief?

A woman named Sharon P. Carson is claiming that her book was straight up jacked by Steve Harvey. She says she wrote and copyrighted the book, "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man" in 2004, only to watch Steve Harvey become a best selling author of a book with the same title and same content, going on Oprah gettin the shine of his life and having women believe he is fillin us in on HIS logic and advice on finding and keeping a man. The Savy Sista posted Sharon's statement and you should go there to read the whole thing, where she gives examples of similarities in their words, but I'll just give you a lil of what she says...

"My name is Sharon P. Carson and I copyrighted the book: Act like a lady think like a man in 2004 and Steve Harvey’s book with the same title was published in 2009.

Let me say first of all that I have read Steve Harvey’s book, and I have no doubt that either he or someone involved in the writing or publishing of his book, read my book first and used it as a model for his by copying my title, my theme and my general format.

That someone knew that they had found a very profound title for a book; Act like a lady think like a man, and if they could find a message to fit that title, they could use the celebrity of Steve Harvey to sell it.

But in my view, they could not find a consistent message because they really did not really understand the title and they did not understand it because they did not originate it, they copied it.

I understand it because I originated it, - it came from my heart and not from my head.


Throughout Steve Harvey’s book, he tells women that they should “ACT LIKE A LADY’ But there is no place that I found in his book where he defines exactly what that means in context.

I can tell you, however, how it has been defined in my book.

And I quote: For me and the purposes of my book, acting like a lady has nothing to do with manicures, pedicures, high-heeled shoes or weekly hair do’s. A woman who acts like a lady is one who exudes self confidence. She accepts and appreciates who she is both inside and out. She respects herself and demands respect from her male counter part.

I also tried to convey that message through the books cover that I designed, that shows a woman in a boxing ring looking very much like she is ready to hold her own in any situation.

Now for the second part of the title: THINK LIKE A MAN

In Steve’s book the words THINK LIKE A MAN, seem to mean that; a woman needs to learn what a man thinks; in terms of his likes and dislikes in women.

Things like; credit, success, housekeeping, weight gain, smoking, and heels or flats among other things. The premise seems to be that if she meets the man’s expectations in these areas and others, he will provide her with that loving relationship she desires.

But when I placed the words THINK LIKE A MAN in the title, my intent was to deliver a message to women that they should be as tough minded in relationships as many men are."

This is real interesting, isn't it? I mean at this point, unfortch, there prolly isn't a whole lot Sharon can do about it, if this is indeed true (and I sooo wouldn't be surprised if it is). Steve done made his money, done become Oprah's new relationship advisor, and done took Tom Joyner's spot in Chicago. Even if Sharon is able to prove that Steve stole her book, it will prolly take her forever to do so, all of her money, and by then Steve will be taking over Dr. Phil's time slot and no one will give a shit. Sucks azz!



Elle said...

He was talking about this on the radio this morning. Of course they claim they had no clue about this woman's book, she self-published and her content is completely diff. Apparently, you can jack a title as long as the content is different. Hmmmm....

Simone Craig said...

wwoooowww! yeah, if she had branded act like a woman, think like a man, Steve would have a problem. But people can title their book whatever they want... I wouldn't be surprised if it's true either. Either way, whoevers intellectual property it is...I appreciate it!!

[Emeritus] said...

if its true, i feel bad for her. that totally sucks.

first bey, now steve. is anyone original anymore?