Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Muziq: Chrisette Michele

I have been waiting for some new Chrisette and it is finally here! Chrisette's new song is called Epiphany and I'm diggin it! I'm feelin this video too. Chrisette is lookin good and I can tell she's tryna come with something a lil extra this time. Chrisette is one of those beyond talented give you goose bumps when she sings type singers. I remember I saw her live before she even had an album out and I was mesmerized. She was friggin amazing. Then her album came and I was type disappointed. It is obvious she can sing but with the exception of a few songs, her album was so boring and I couldn't relate and I just didn't like it. But this time, I think she's gonna make the hot album that we know she's capable of making and I'm pumped about it. Are you guys looking forward to new Chrisette?

Do you love this song/video?


blackgirlthinking said...

Luvin this one!

babybrown said...

I've been on the fence about her since the beginning... but this song is cute!