Thursday, March 12, 2009

For Emeritus: Candy Girls

So my girl Emeritus asked me what I thought about the new E! reality show "Candy Girls" which follows the owner of Bella agency and her models who she books for hip hop videos, magazines etc. I finally saw it and um, I think it is more than fake and kinda corny. And with the exception of Brooke, the girls are just aight. So the one interesting 'scene' in the first episode was when the stank girl Terricka gets into an arguemnet with her boss and owner of Bella, Danielle. Now who can call their boss a bitch and still have a job let alone have the boss be the one coming to apologize?! Fake, fake, fake, fakity fake. Bottom line is that I'll watch it if I catch it, but it is definitely not on my must watch list.

This clip is the Danielle/Terricka fight scene.

Has anyone else seen this? Thoughts?


[Emeritus] said...

im glad you gave your two cents. i was wondering about that too. how can you just lay your boss out like that and not be sent packing? nonsense!