Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Count's New Boo

Mkay, so I'm sure you've all heard by now that Countess LuAnn on The Real Housewives of NYC is divorcing - well actually, the Count is divorcing her because he has a sideline know what, she's a grown woman and an African Princess so I'll say da count has a boo that he wants to make official. She is the granddaughter of King Abajifar, the last King from the Gibe Kingdom of Jimmaa and her name is Kemeria Abajobir.

I know LuAnn is HEATED! Not only is he leaving her, but he's leaving her for an African woman! Feelings are hurt. I mean, maybe she shouldn't be so annoying. But even more importantly, she's a beauty AND Princess Kemeria doesn't have to pretend to be royalty and write books about that bullshit....she IS royalty and way more royal than the Count is. Shiiiiit, da Count done upgraded! I'm not mad neither.



babybrown said...

White women are always SHOCKED and AMAZED when they see a white man and black woman together - THEY NEED TO GET OVER IT!!! It is about preference, and the corny bullsh*t with them thinking that they are the ultimate ideal, is boring and tired... ugh