Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Dirty Dozen...

Playboy interviews celebrities about their sexual experiences and they call it The Dirty Dozen.

I don't know what it is about Lil Wayne, but I'm always so intrigued. I always seem to enjoy whatever he's talkin bout and this time is no different. He's so....what's the word...romatical.

How old were you when you lost your virginity and what were the circumstances?
I was 11 and the girl was 13. She had every board game you could imagine. I liked board games. We was playing Win Lose or Draw and on the board she wrote, "Fuck me." Now I was 11, and I didn't even know it meant "intercourse." I just knew it was a cuss word, so I was like, "Why is she cussing herself out?" She said, "Do you want to play 'Press Your Luck'? Well, the game is in my closet." She had a walk-in closet, so she said, "Go get it, it's right to the right…." When I walk to the closet she came in and cut the lights off and took off my pants, and I remember my ass was cold up against the wall. I was like, "What the hell!?" When I tried to push her off me, I felt that she was naked also, so I just stepped back and let her do what she do.

What celebrity would you most like to have sex with?
I'd probably love to have sex with…man, I think she's dead already. I'd probably want somebody like Marilyn Monroe -- somebody that's been with the president or something. If I had Marilyn Monroe, I would do whatever she asks and whatever she's never had done to her. And I swear I'd do it good!

How cautious are you when it comes to having sex?
I have to be more cautious now. Let me tell you the trick to that. What you do is stop ramming them hos and make love to that pussy! Make that pussy love you and that rubber ain't going nowhere. That rubber will be right there where you started off with if you make love to that pussy. That's when a nigga fuck up, when you trying to do too much. A nigga like me, I am gonna make the pussy so wet that there's no such thing as popping or slipping off. Only problem I am gonna have is keep slipping it in.

Ever had a threesome?
WAYNE: I think the most I've done before is five. I don't do groupies. I am not the groupie type. I am 25 years of age right now and the president and CEO of my own company. Dealing with a groupie was back when I was 15 years of age and when I dropped my first solo album. When I am doing five, it's usually two that's used to me and we've done this before. They know how to go out and get two or three more girls. They make the other girls' first time feel better—because that's a whole hump they gotta get over—because they ain't worried about you.

What's the most orgasms you've ever had in one 24-hour period?
WAYNE: Ooooh, shit! I've been "locked up" with this one chick and when I say "locked up," I mean locked in a room and she made you go, man! So I probably done it like 10 or six times in 24 hours. That's one of those days you just stay in the room with the robe on and slippers, no boxers or nothing.

What's your favorite part of the female anatomy?
WAYNE: The eyes. The eyes are the window of the soul. You look into a woman's eyes—especially in that moment of having sex or making love—and you can see the truth. You can see if she liked it. That gives you more assurance than a scream, than her clutching you and scratching your back. You look into her eyes and see that she can't control the bliss that you're putting on her. I love that. That's better than a bitch telling me she's coming!

Have you ever used drugs to enhance your sexual experience?
WAYNE: Umm, "some say the ex makes the sex spectacular…." That's my answer to that. When a woman says, "Can't we get something?" or "Gimme something to drink?" I say, "I don't want you to be high because tomorrow you're not gonna know that it felt that great. You kinda negated some of that by being intoxicated." So I always tell the woman I am the ultimate high. I am the drug.

Ray J did The Dirty Dozen too. His answers are a bit too predictable for me. I thinkk I prefer I tiny lil man whose first time was after playing some board games. Who doesn't love board games?!

Ever had sex with a groupie?
RAY J: Of course. I had three groupies and I had them all get in the shower and all wash each other off. They was just following my instructions. Then I had them all get out the shower and I was like, "Now, all y'all stand right there and stay still. I am gonna dry every one of y'all off." So I dried all three off and I told them to all bend over on the bed and they were all lined up exactly together. From there I went in and did my thing. It was very controlling and they followed all my instructions and they were all happy. I was just trying something new and wanted to see if they actually would do it, and they did.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?
RAY J: I had a weird first time incident when I was young. But the real first time [having sex] was at 13 and it was with a girl I liked and I did it at my homeboy's house in the daytime. My performance at 13 was when I knew I had something going on. I knew there was something special about me and I knew I could perform in the future well. It was off da chain. We both wanted to do it and afterwards I felt that the world had done change.

Are you good in bed?
RAY J: I think I am great in bed and the reason why is because I try to satisfy the girl first and make sure she has had enough before I am done. I want to make sure I give everything she needs to get relax and have a relax time. Every shot I make count—pow!

Describe your most memorable sexual experience.
RAY J: The memorable sexual experience that keeps popping up in my memory is the time with my ex-girlfriend [Kim Kardashian] in Cabo, Mexico. It was memorable because I put it on my video camera and the whole world is looking at it. I just can't get it outta my head. I don't think nobody else can either. It was just a fun time together. We were young, we were both 21 and we just had a good time as couples and just wilding out. We just got down with massages, getting drunk and getting down in the Jacuzzi bath.

What celebrity would you most like to have sex with?
RAY J: Nicole Scherzinger. I just got a crush on Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls. I just love the way she looks, the way she moves and I love the title of her group. Pusssssy-Cat Dolls. [Laughs]


Miss P said...

why do i find myself respecting lil wayne after this?! well, not all of it, but the man made sense with some of his answers. and i really liked that comment about a woman's eyes being his fav part. i still wouldnt let the little troll wipe me down, but wuteva.

and i can not believe he is only 6 months older than me! this is a prime example of what too much drugs and liquor can do to you! Blame it on the ah-ah-ah-alcohol, blame it on the ah-ah ah-ah ah-al-co-hol