Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kanye The Gay Fish!

South Park did a lil parody of Kanye West and called him a gay fish. I mean, I giggled but I didn't think it was hilarious. The gay fish looks just like him and he ends up wipin down the biggest hottest fish in the sea yes, but I don't think this caricature was worth Kanye having hurt feelings. Kanye's feelings were hurt by the South Park people and because of this video has decided to turn his life around and become a nicer person and not continue to talk about how dope he is....rather just let the dopeness speak for it's self.

I think it is great that Kanye is now motivated to become a better man BUT I have to wonder why now, why this particular parody got him feelin such a kind of way. I mean how many times has Kanye been called gay or have people askin bout his sexual preference? Who cares about South Park? I think something else is going on in Kanye's life (maybe cuz that Amber chic is over him and he is realizing that if he doesn't get over himself he is gonna end up alone) that has him admitting to having hurt feelings. Maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe all that matters is that Ye is deciding to put his Ego on simma. I think his ego is a huge part of who he is and what he does, but I guess er'body has to grow up some time.

I'm in love with a gay fish!