Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tia Twitters

Obviously Tia is not happy bout whatever Mediatakeout done said about her and her show. Word goin round is that CW is getting rid of all their comedies (Everybody Hates Chris and Tia's show The Game) and only keeping the one hour dramas (Gossip Girl, 90210, and the new Melrose Place). Comedy = Black people and they aren't bringing in the ratings so they have to go. Is anybody surprised? They put the show on Fridays when most people aren't even home and they barely do any promotion. It is real unfortunate but this isn't anything new. And it is sad because these are two GREAT shows.

On the flip side, Tia did mention that Mara is pitching the idea of turning The Game into a one hour long dramedy. Let's hope that works. If not, maybe BET will pick up the fourth season....altho, sadly, I'm not sure that will help.

I can't believe in 2009 we are still talkin bout Black shows not surviving and being hidden on random networks. Sucks azz.