Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kelly Got A Job Ya'll!

All that talk about Kelly being on suicide watch cuz she got cut from her label is obviously bull shizz. Since Bravo has lost Project Runway, one of the bestest reality competition shows, to Lifetime they said fuck it and just recycled that shit....same concept, new hosts, new judges, new name. The show is called "The Fashion Show" and Ms. Kelly along with Isaac Mizrahi will be hosting.

"The 15 designers will compete in the Harper's Bazaar mini challenge -- which will be judged by the magazine's Special Projects Director Laura Brown -- and then the elimination challenge. The winning contestant will nab the $125,000 prize as well as have their clothing line available for retail, so the designs will also have to appeal to the Average Joe or Jane, not the haute couture crowd."

Hopefully it doesn't disappoint and Kelly gets to keep this job for at least a season or two.

Check Kelly on her Bravo Vlog:



Miss P said...

take THAT, matthew and beyonce! yay for you kelly, cuz u r fab *snap* u *snap* lus *snap*!

Geoffrey said...

Take that take that take that! LOL

This show has potential if they give Isaac and Fern full reign to do as they please. Both of them have forked tongues and I'm sure some classic one liners are coming. If only they bring in Candy Pratts Price as a guest judge! Now that's the real Miranda Priestly