Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why I Love My First Lady

Of course because she is stunning and she and Barack have taken the UK by storm...mostly her with her most fabulous fashion. But I love me some Michelle Obama just because she is just so refreshing. Every time I see her or hear her speak, I feel like she's my big sister or my aunt who is gonna call me when she gets home to ask me about MY day.

Watch the First Lady let these kids in London mob her after she gives them a special speech...and look at the Secret Service like WHOA now...back it on up. Love it.



Broken Soul said...
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Miss P said...

hahaha! the secret service didnt know what the hell to do! hahaha! i love michelle! i love that she's a sista, she's from my hometown, and we went to the same high school! she is just so real! had that been laura or even hilary, they would have been like back it up! but michelle showed them love like a real damn lady! love her!

[Emeritus] said...

did u notice how the hair is on point?! so much shine!