Monday, May 4, 2009

Chrisette Michele Does VH1 Soul Stage

I tell this story to everybody. I went with one of my friends to a concert with a bunch of no names and this chic Chrisette Michele comes out and she SANGS her ass off! I was like OMG, who is this and where is her album??!! My friend, who is in the industry, explained to me that they were still trying to mold her, she had to lose weight, etc. Then like a year and half later, Chrisette finally comes out with her album and I don't think I could even fully express my disappointment. Her first album was some bullshit. I'm sorry. She has talent for days but it wasn't displayed at all in her album. I couldn't relate to anything she sang about it and it was like a waste of album. And what really pissed me off was that I knew people who had never seen her live or knew what she was capable of, wouldn't give her a real chance.

Fast forward...Chrisette Michele is back and this time, she's tryna show the world what's she's made of. I really like everything I've heard so far. She is finally singing about some shit I know about and she is believable. I'm sooo happy for her. Take a listen to her do VH1 Soul Stage (Epiphany and Blame It On Me). What do you think? Her album drops tomorrow....are you coppin that?


Elviz said...

def coppin her work..shes the shit