Tuesday, May 12, 2009

LaLa Gets Bout It!

So LaLa was mindin her bizness tryna support her boo Carmelo Anthony at the Dallas Mavs/Denver Nuggets playoff game when people started talkin shit and caused her to have to set it off.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcdfw.com/video.

LaLa just released this statement:

"Obviously the play-off games bring out the best and the worst in fans but what happened on Monday night with the racial slurs/threats, verbal attacks on my son and physical attacks to myself by irate fans was unacceptable," states LaLa. "The fans were totally out of control. What the cameras captured was me defending myself and didn't show the abuse that was taking place."

Now while I totally believe somebody really had to be fuckin wit LaLa in order for her to lose her cool like that BUT don't it look like she's fightin that old white lady wit the pearls? I'm just a tad surprised that that lady would verbally and physically attacking LaLa. But hey, I don't care how old a bitch is, you talk racist shit about me, my man or my child be prepared for an ass whoppin. One time for LaLa!