Saturday, May 9, 2009

One Time For Da Maid!

So do ya'll memba when Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa were being sued by their maid due to the fact that they treated her like less than shit. Here's the back story in case you forgot:

Kobe's maid filed a lawsuit for invasion of privacy, emotional distress, unpaid wages and wrongful discharge. In the suit the maid says Vanessa routinely "badgered, harassed and humiliated" her by yelling, screaming and criticizing her in front of Kobe, their children, employees, other people in the house and called her lazy, slow, dumb, a fucking liar and a fucking piece of shit. The maid also says Vanessa accused her of stealing her retainer and the maid says the last straw came when Vanessa forced her to put her hand in a bag of dog shit to retrieve a price tag of a shirt she'd put in the washer. Vanessa was furious that Maid had put the expensive piece in the wash and wanted the price tag so she would know how much to dock Maid's pay.

The maid is one strong lady cuz that dog shit would have been right in Vanessa's mouth had that been me....but you know that's exactly why it wasn't. But I digress...the good news here is that Maid has won a victory!

The maid won unemployment compensation from Kobe and Vanessa who had been trying to block her benefit claim because she quit. The Unemployment Board ruled that Miss Maid lady “voluntarily left the employment because her immediate supervisor [Vanessa] repeatedly addressed her in a disrespectful and assaulting tone, and required her to perform tasks that were repugnant and demeaning.”

I sooooo wish an ass beatin was part of that judgement. Just cuz you a bitter bitch whose man cheated on you with a fugly white bitch, don't mean its OK to focus your misplaced hate and anger on people who are ain't tryna do nothing but work for you. Jackass.



Simone Craig said...

Why do these celebreties... well she's not a celebrity... but these 'high profile' people have to be such jackasses to people. I don't get it.