Friday, May 8, 2009

Why Is Er'body Showin Their Nekkid Bits?!!!

So I just didn't feel like posting about Cassie's leaked titty pics. She's hot, they are just titties, they are pierced, and either she leaked them cuz she's bout to drop her album (duh) or somebody else did cuz she's about to drop an album. Either way, so what.

Now, not only are there titty pics of Cassie but now there a coochie pics to go with it. Even more reediculous, there are now sexy, full on nekkid pics of Rihanna! JUST WHY????!!!!

In the world we live in today where people twitter from the shitter and NOTHING is no longer private or sacred and shizz stay gettin hacked or leaked or whatever WHY IN ALL HELL would you take nekkid pics of yourself and send them to anybody? I don't give a fluff if you were sendin them shits to da lawd above, JUST HELL AND NO! If your man can't see the shit in real life cuz he's on the road or you can't be together or whatever the case may be, then tell him to fly your ass out to where you need to be or if it's that serious, skype your coochie.

If you want, to see Rihanna nekkid click: As much as I don't need to see this, can't help but notice the obvious....Rihanna's body is bangin!!



Anonymous said...

Hell yeah its bangin....both ladies are smokin hot