Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do They Have Lipchap in Jail?

Saaphyri is gonna need some. She's in da pokey and she's gonna be there for like three years. However, being in jail doesn't stop you from being on Twitter...her cousin just does it for her.

"If you haven't heard that I'm in jail, you know now. Yes it's true. If you like you can write me. my cousin is maintaining my twitter account."

Seems Saaphyri will be serving a three-year prison sentence for failure to appear in court after being arrested for stealing her uncle's identity back in 2004. DAAYUM.

Should you want to help Saaphyri's time go by quicker with some letters or lipschap, you can hit her up at:

Saaphyri Wanda Scott
X359545 C.I.W. Barnerberg B 1137 Low 16756
Chino Corona Rd. Corona, CA 92880

Guess this means we won't be seeing her on the I Love Money 2 reunion show. And speaking dope it is that hot black chics have won I Love Money two times in a row?!!!