Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Charlamange Explains Donkey 101 to Cassie

Let me just say that when Charlamange was Wendy Williams' co-host I couldn't stand him. I mean sometimes he would say something and I would have to agree BUT most times I just felt like he was so not made for the Wendy Williams Experience! (Plus I still miss Artie. WHERE IS ARTIE???? Does anyone know? Seriously, if you know where Artie is please tell me that I love him all these years later.)

Anyhoooo....Charlamange got laid off from WBLS and managed to get his own show in Philly. This morning he had Cassie on the show and well, she is really good at not getting her feelings hurt but I thought Charlamange did a really great job telling Cassie that she is kind of the wackest.

He told her that shavin her head and showin her coochie in her nekkid pics was not a good look and that is not how you survive in a Beyonce/Rihanna world. She said that she sent those pics to her boyfriend, who is still her boyfriend, and she prays that a woman would love him enough to do that for him. He then told her that a week later when Rihanna's pics were leaked no one gave a shit about her pics anymore. Again, cuz she lives in a Beyonce/Rihanna world.

Then a caller calls in and says, who is Cassie?

Ya'll know I think Cassie is luscious and I think she's bout the only one hot enough to get away with one sided balded (No LaLa. You aren't. The least you could have done was shave the other side cornball) but um....she is a donkey and I'm happy someone broke it down for her one time.

Take a listen: A Donkey is as a Donkey Does.