Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TV Talk: HawthoRNe

So who watched Jada in Hawthorne last night? Hopefully you were even aware of the fact that Jada P. Smith is Executive Producer and star of the new TNT series Hawthorne, which premiered last night.

Jada is Christina Hawthorne, chief nurse, widow, mother, and takes the term care-giver to new heights. She wants to help EVERYBODY which is, oddly, her only flaw. It's funny because I'm now all up on Showtime's new series "Nurse Jackie" starring Edie Falco and Jackie is a nurse who is willing to help - as long as she's high on her pain meds. She's also fuckin the hospital pharmacist and cheating on her husband. If you can't tell....I loves me some Nurse Jackie! But I brought her up to show that Jada has helped to create a character that doesn't have to be drug addicted, rude, mean, a sidelin ho, or an adulteress. She's simply a beautiful woman, who loves her job, stands up for what she believes in, misses her husband terribly and is trying to be the best mom she can be. What else can you ask for?

Now I will say that while I enjoyed this show, Jada goes in and out with her acting for me. It's like sometimes I can actually tell she's acting. The great part is that she has a more than decent supporting cast with interesting and cute story lines. The other great thing is the soundtrack to the seemed like they played Alicia Keys' entire last album. Funny enough, each song made sense during the scene it played in. And even more importantly, Jada gets more gorgeous with age. She puts these young heffas to shame. Seriously.

If you watched, I'd love to know your thoughts. If you didn't, check it out. Tuesdays at 9 on TNT.


Tedra said...

I LOVED it. She definitely has a good cast. I love Michael Vartan and D.B. Woodside (I loved him in The Temptations movie). I'm excited to see what the rest of the season holds.