Monday, June 8, 2009

Sambo's Big Ass Chain....Should We Be Hatin?

Fugster T-Pain debuted his new "Big Ass Chain" at Hot 97' Summer Jam and well, it truly is a big ass chain. Fugoonery says his chain is 10lbs, 197 karats and cost $410,000. He posted pics of him and his chain on Twatter and of course there were responses....

nephskinkykr8ns: Buffoonery at it’s finest… Modern day minstrel show SMDH

Prinzesskutt: Ignorant. A typical Black person move. Wake up people.

leojeanette: What in the recession hell! He’s wearing my student loans around his neck…WELL OBVIOUSLY Mr.Pain dosnt need my $ or support…his next album is gona start with a Lime and end with a WIRE!

exclusivej: Yall broke ass n*ggas need to stop hatin on my big homie, and yes his “Mansion” is paid for…all 2.6 Mill…everything is taken cared of over here…His kids school cost more then yall hater’s college degree…COME ON SOMEBODY!!!

Fugtastic responded and told us we should be proud that he can afford a big ass chain. He said:

"..Let’s celebrate the fact a black man can have things like this and still care for 3 kids and wife in a $6 million house with 32 cars. Oldest child 5 and already got 4 million in her own account. I don’t do dumb sh*t like this till I know the fams good. so don’t judge me from what I buy. Judge me from what I do. Cuz it’s so many artists that put themself before their family."

I think he's fugly as hell....have I mentioned that? But even more importantly, for the most part, he is right. If he can take care of his kids, his wife, put $4 mill in his 5 year old's bank account and still be able to afford an ugly ass chain that cost more money than most people in this country will ever see in a life time, then he has every right. On the flip side tho, how typical is it of a black man rapper to spend his extra cash on some bullshit that won't do anything for him, his people or the world? Isn't the best part of having more than others is to give back? How cool would it have been if he got on stage and announced that he was giving $500,000 away in scholarships for Black kids who would otherwise never have the chance to school? How major would it have been if he spent that money to save the house of a single mother and 4 kids because she lost her job and could no longer pay the mortgage? Maybe Fuggers just don't think that way? Or maybe he gives back in his own way and just doesn't twat about it? What do you think?



Miss P said...

you tell him f.u.! see, that's why you need a twitter account, lol

F.U. said...

Miss P you don't want F.U. me boo. It's bad enough they let me blog.

Carsi said...

hope that chain keeps him cool on those hot summer days when he's mowing lawns for a living 10 years from now...

Elle said...

LMAO at those twitter replies! AMEN! Buffoonery and coonery and I just can't. So what if your house is paid for...what about doing something charitable with your extra dough? Is that so unheard of? Set a fu*kin example! Sheesh.