Friday, June 26, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: By The Way...

Jonathan and Asuka danced for their lives but it wasn't enough. I really can't care right now. I'm in mourning. However, Nigel's words were very much appreciated. He talked about how Michael Jackson is the reason for the show So You Think You Can Dance - specifically pointing out his video for "Black or White" which had Michael including dances from all over the world. Michael is the reason dancers wanted to dance. How many of you put Vaseline on the bottom of your shoes tryna moon walk? How many of you tried to the point of bustin your ass to do the lean forward move that Michael does in Smooth Criminal? Do you not still do the Thriller dance every time it comes on? Did not a thousand Asian prisoners do the Thriller dance in the jail court yard? Do you not bust out the Remember the Time routine as soon as you hear the song? He just inspired people, brought people together, allowed us to love music and a person unanimously.

Thanks to Michael Jackson, yeah, I think I can dance.