Thursday, June 25, 2009

Human Nature: Michael Jackson Is Gone

Some things you just don't expect to hear about on a regula schmegula June day. Michael Jackson, thee Michael Jackson, Thriller Michael Jackson, Dangerous Michael Jackson, Beat It Michael Jackson, Dirty Diana Michael Jackson, Glitter Glove Michael Jackson, Moon Walking Michael Jackson, Captain EO Michael Jackson, Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson, King of Pop Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5 Michael Jackson, The KING of Pop Michael Jackson died today.

I think we all have our opinions about Michael Jackson. I personally believe that, sadly, he had deep issues with himself, his image, and where and who he came from, and that made him slowly destroy himself. Visually he altered his appearance and who knows what else he did to himself...which I believe, may not have killed him but prolly played a major part in his death. Despite all that, I'm distraught. Just shocked and sad.

He was only 50 years old, but he's been working since he was like 5 and he's lived an extraordinary life. And more than anything, he will be CELEBRATED! Michael Jackson will forever be the best to have ever done it. The best entertainer ever in the world of all time. I can't even fully express the impact that Michael has had on my life, and all of our lives.

Bye, Michael. I hope you now truly find peace. You will be missed. THANK YOU for making our lives better.

Love you, mean it.

I'm now off to play my most favorite song ever.....


Ava E. said...

F.U., he is the only reason that i started to sing.....just awful! I was set to go to a concert too....he will always live on...R.I.P Michael.

Ava E. said...

BTW PYT is my favourite song as well!

F.U. said...

Ava he was magical. He is the reason that most entertainers, singers, dancers wanted to do what they do. Watching him was like being transported into another world. Sigh...I can't.

PYT Ava...PYT.