Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Round 2!!!

Really thought I would have some real pictures of my dancers by now (fuckin so that you really can see who I'm talking about BUT if you are a true SYTYCDer then you'll be fine with baby headshots and you'll know exactly who is who, what they did, and why I loved it.....or not so much. Let's get it!

Randi and Evan: Jive
Well it was obvious they were having.....FUN! I liked their Jive. I think Randi was givin it way more than Evan, so sometimes it looked like they weren't in sync. Overall though, they are both so tiny that they fit together very well. I think it was a great routine, they had some great moves and as much as I love me some tiny Evan, his fun Jive just didn't do it for me. I also didn't like the song selection.

Melissa and Ade: Jazz
HOTNESS!!!! That was art. These two are dope. That was amazing choreography! I loved it as soon as the music started and I saw Melissa in her hot pink leggins on Ade's broad ass back. They killed it! Their technique, the reach, the way they hit every move was amazing. Sonya gave them something reeediculous to work with. Whoooooo!

Side Sonya's right eye wonky? Maybe that's her secret weapon.

Caitlin and Jason: Hip-Hop
Awwwww, so precious. Me likey these two uh-lot but I wasn't completely lovin this number. They just didn't seem to mesh in this routine. I was also surprised that Caitlin got a solo - that she didn't really kill altho I did like her back bend roll up move - but they both did what they needed to do...they just didn't smash it. A for effort tho.

Side note....who knew Shane Sparks was a smidget?

Janette and Brandon: Disco
I know that's right!!!! Off the chain!!! LOVED IT!!!! These two are tight!! Amazing!! Brandon is superb! But what else is new. Janette almost bust her ass but I bet most people didn't even notice cuz she went right back into her Studio 54 zsugsh. That split lift, the neck spin, and the speed and technicality of every move....SMASHED IT!!!!!

Side note....How you doin Brandon? "All I bench is girls"....mmmmhmmmmmm sure you do honey.

And I also have to point out...Lil C gets on my nerves.

Oh and one last'time I type something - like Studio 54 - Cat Deely says it. Shut up Cat!

Asuka and Vitolio: Waltz
That was beautiful. Technically just lovely. They connected amazingly, those moves...goodness. The splits and the floor lift spins, just beautiful. I really enjoyed that. Good work!

Side note....did Asuka say she's not attracted to him? How can she not want to wipe him down after lookin in those eyes?

Kayla and Max: Pop Jazz
That was rather dope. Waaaay better than that overrated salsa they did last week. I loved the concept of this dance and the way they used the entire stage. Hot routine. They made it do wut it do. come I don't love Kayla as much as the judges do?

Side note....Brian (the choreographer) is a cutie!

Karla and Jonathan: Contemporary
That was not the best Contemporary I've seen on SYTYCD but I thought it was pretty and sensual and they did what they were supposed to do. They indeed had beautiful lines and movement. Very nice.

Jeanine and Phillip: Tango
I was worried but they pulled that off. Not off the chain but that was a beyond excellent try. That was really more Jeanine's dance. She did what she could to make it sexy and make it better. Yes the technique was kind of messy and you could tell that they knew that they didn't really know what they were doin. It was still nice to seem them try hard.

Side note....SO HAPPY Mary told Lil C to put that where. SHUT UP Lil C. You just be talkin shit and don't even know what you're talkin bout. His knees were bent cause they were sposed to be jackass. Ugh!

Ashley and Kupono: Hip-Hop
I was feelin it. Was worried Ashley wasn't gonna get her jacket off in time. There wasn't any kind of mirror or copy going on that they were supposed to be doin but they tried. I was pumpin it. I was bouncin. I kind of wish that it started with the jackets off and the serious gotta get that. This was the better of Shane's routines for the night.

Side it Shane's fault that none of this routines were great tonite? I mean, two out of two...and I wasn't pumped about either choreography...hmmmm.

Obviously those two couples are in trouble. The best of the night were Janette and Brandon (again!!!), Ade and Melissa (again!!!) and I guess I'll go with Max and Kayla.

We'll see tomorrow....