Thursday, June 18, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Round 2 RESULTS

Your bottom three....

So before we chat about the results, can I just say - for the bazillionth time - Mia Michaels is SICK!!!! Anything she touches is just out of control and reeeediculous!!!! The opening number for the result show was HOT. It amazes me how Mia is able to put stuff together in her head, then teach it and then have dancers bring it to life. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mkay, so now. Totally wasn't surprised at the results. Well, I mean, one couple was a tad of a shocker. Caitlin and Jason and Ashley and Kupono were no surprise. We knew that neither couple could pull off what Shane Sparks put together for them. I still have to scratch my head when I think about the fact that it was obvious that both couples would end up in the bottom three...dancers or choreographer...whose to blame?

On the flip side, I kind of LOVE that the surprise couple the landed in the bottom was Max and Kayla. Once again, after their overrated Salsa last week, their waaay better performance this week, and the fact that the judges seem to LOVE Kayla....I thought that America would just kind of follow suit and keep voting for them. This just means that the voting - at least this early in the competition - is really being based on performance and quality of dancing. It also means that America isn't as in love with Kayla as the judges are....maybe I'm not crazy.

And because of that, I'm so happy Vitolio and Asuka made it through. I was worried that they would get lost in the shuffle of their waltz and because they were in the bottom last know how that goes sometimes. I will say tho, watching it again, Evan and Randi's Jive wasn't nearly as good as Max and Kayla's piece. They should have been the third couple fightin for their lives.

Yet they weren't and so we say goodbye to Ashley and Max. Not sad for either one. Ashley didn't stand out and Max maybe got by because of Kayla (scuse me while I choke at my own Kalya realization). Even more importantly, neither one danced for their lives.....say the way Jason did tonight....and the judges did what was necessary.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new couple - Kayla and Kupono.