Friday, June 5, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Season 5!!!!!

Have you been watching?????? Last night the finalist for SYTYCD season 5 were selected....and not without drama! I cannot believe they cut Alex Wong!!!! Well I mean I can, but it was sooooo sad. He is still under contract to the Miami City Ballet and they won't release him. Ummmmm Alex, boo boo.....did you not tell your people over at MCB that you were auditioning? I mean there was no way you wouldn't have made it...and prolly won the whole shizz! DAAAYUM Alex! And seriously, I was really hoping that they would let the Brothers Kasprzak go on together. They are both so talented but I think they went with the brother who was NOT the better dancer, but the better looking...and has hair.

So alas, we have the top 20....some I'm happy about, some better show me something, and others I'll just have the screw face on er'time they dance. I'm excited!!!!

Do you already have a favorite? I pretty much love all the boys.....