Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh SupaHead...You're Such A Donkey

WOW. Supahead gets kicked off a morning show after getting mad because the news anchors were asking her to explain who her book is for....literally getting mad when the anchors speak the truth. She said this book teaches lessons to young girls that she wasn't taught...which is obviously the best way to position your lips as you suck a dick. Hence, why the book has a ban on it and can't be sold er'where to er'body. If you need a giggle today....

And, if I'm not mistaken, didn't she say her husband Eddie Winslow was beatin her and didn't he say she's a dumb bitch? How she really tryna act like she's some happily married mother who was neva a coochie supplin' dick sucker? Yeah...this is what happens when you think the protein you swallow from the millions of dicks you suck makes you smart or something.

By the by, SupaHead has just taken on the role of Sex Education Director and school librarian at Dumb Bitch University.