Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: 8 Oh 8!

Last week we said goodbye to Kupono and Randi. I was more than happy to see Randi go. So over the dancin oomp loompa. This week it's all the same shizz. I'm not giving a full rundown cuz each dancer performs 4 times and well, I can't...just an overall blah blah blah, my faves, what I love and what sucks. So um, let's get it!

Ellen DeGeneres is a judge tonight. She's sooo funny. So before any dancin even happens I'm already gigglin cuz Ellen talkin bout she had trainin in the streets...I can't wit her.


Travis Wall is tryna get is choreography ON! I am so happy for him! To be a contestant on the show and then go to being creating the best routines is amazing. I thought his futuristic dance was hot. I will say tho that Brandon stands out. I'm so ready for him to just win this.

I just want to say that if a girl ends up winning this year (which is not likely) it will have to be Janette. She's amazing. And I'm not just sayin that cuz Mia Michaels said that Janette is her favorite this season.

Did Ellen say "Are you two carpenters because you nailed it?!" No, Ellen. No!!!

And Mary, you ain't neva lie...Ade's ass stays high and visible...but I thought that was a good thing.

I kinda hated Melissa and Ade's Cha-Cha. And while I hate to agree...I think Mia is right...this was Ade's worst performance all season. But its not his fault his butt prevents him from Cha-Cha in.

OOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGG Boom Boom Kat aka Laurie Ann Gibson is doin choreography in SYTYCD????? Diddy isn't the only way she can get a job!!! Sooooo excited for you Boom Boom!! And her routine was great! Brandon killed that. His body is so amazing. He is just sick. Jeanine did a good job but you can tell she was workin to keep up with B. Go Boom Boom Kat! But I will say this honey...your weave? Boom Boom why? Fix that. Luh u, mean it.

Ade and Melissa made up for their horrible Cha-Cha with their emotional and riveting Tyce Diorio Contemporary piece. Reminded me why I enjoy watching them. They are amazing.

Mary, you really need water-proof make-up. Seriously. Now your face looks dirty.

With that said, with the exception of two dances, seriously this was the wackest SYTYCD ever. Ever. Boring.

Janette and Brandon need to be the final two. They were the best tonight. Honorable mention goes to Jeanine....

After her amazing performance last week with Jason and then tryin her bestest to work it out with Brandon, plus she gave good solo...I want her to stay in it.

We'll see tomorrow....