Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: 14 Dancing Machines!

Oh boy...Mia's a judge tonight. Nothing else to say. Let's get it!

Janette and Brandon: Cha-Cha
What a way to start the show!!! HOT!!!! I loved that Cha-Cha!!! Brandon is AMAZING!!!! And Janette was totally in her element and she worked it! The foot work, the technique, the skill, the sexy, all of it was just proof that these two are tryna win this shiz! You betta work!!

Side note...Mia Michaels gave Brandon the best compliment there is. She only tells people that they suck when she knows that they are special, brilliant and talented. I now forgive her for being so mean to my Brandon!

Kayla and Kupono: Contemporary
Wow!! I actually really saw the battle in the dance. Kupono tryna bring Kayla to the dark side and Kayla fightin for her life. I really, really, really liked that. You know what, this was the first time Kupono really showed his skills AND this is the very first time I've seen why the judges like Kayla so much. Both of them have amazing technique, the way they encompassed the story, and each movement was on point. That was actually quite fantastic.

Side note...what am I missing about Kayla? I am finally gonna admit that she is a great dancer but Mia said that they make a gorgeous, Kupono is a cutie yes, but Kayla...just NO. I don't want to have to say that anymore.

Randi and Evan: Broadway
Randi and Evan work so well together. This Broadway routine was good but not amazing. It looked good, like they got the gist of the routine but I just felt like it was missing something. You know, it gets hard to talk about the dancing when technically, it is really good and they hit all their marks and you can tell they are really tryna kill it. I think the major problem is that when you follow two performances that get you on your feet, if you don't do the same, it is like you have no choice but to pale in comparison. With that said, it was a good job but needed to be a whole lot better.

Caitlin and Jason: Pop Jazz
How creative! Caitlin has been charged with being an alien and she comes down from her planet to impregnate the last man on earth...Jason. Brian came up with a great routine and I thought it was different. I think both Caitlin and Jason did what they were asked to do and they did it well...I'm just not sure if it will be enough to keep them out the bottom for the third week in a row.

Side note...Caitlin's costume did not look like an alien costume. She looked like a Godzilla with pleatha skin.

Jeanine and Phillip: Hip-Hop
Mkay, that was DOPE! Dope concept, Dope choreography, Dope dancers! Jeanine surprised me. This was a harder Hip-Hop routine than the one they had the first week and Jeanine had no trouble keeping up with Phillip. For Phillip he's in his element and his Hip-Hop ability is just ridiculous. They were dancing chained together!!! This could have gone so wrong but it was HOT! Loved it!!!!

Side note...why come when Mia is giving a compliment it takes so long to realize that it is an actual compliment?

Melissa and Ade: Classical Pas de deux
That was so beautiful! Ade and Melissa performed a Romeo and Juliet ballet routine that was simply beautiful. I absolutely believed that they were dancing for their love and I felt like that could have been on stage at The American Ballet Theater. Amazing. Love, love, love these two!

Side note...I think they are purposely putting Ade in those pants that show his serious rock hard booty!

Asuka and Vitolio: Quick Step
I liked that Quick Step! Great choreography, fun to watch, and that quick spin to change Karla's costume was fabulous. Vitolio and Karla actually look really good together and it looks like they had fun and that's most important...right? Vitolio is just so fun to watch. He puts everything into his performance, you can tell that he's giving his all all the time. Excellent number to end the show!

Ok so what a fun show! Overall everyone was rather fantastic. I'm thinking that Evan and Randi, Jason and Caitlin, and I'm not sure who will be dancing for their lives.

We'll see tomorrow...

Side note...not that any of you heffas care, but F.U. is goin out of town so post will be coming (I think) but sporadically.


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