Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Damn You!

Sigh....I just got an email that said the following:

"Bitch you talk about everybody under the sun all day and the one day I go to your blog to see what you say about the Tiny & Toya show you talking about Quincy Jones. What's up with that? I need to know what you think about that show! Come on F.U.!"

"Anonymous"...the reason I didn't plan on posting anything about the "Tiny & Toya" show was because I'm ashamed I even watched it. Shame on me for watching and shame on BET for putting this bullshit on TV. You know, it's one thing to have Frankie and Neffe on BET because the show started with Keyshia Cole and following how she became a successful star despite the hot mess that surrounded her. So yes, Frankie and Neffe and the rest of Keyshia's family show a side of Black people that makes you cringe, but it's real and more than anything, it is just more proof that that doesn't have to be your life. You can grow from that.

What da fuck do you learn from watching Tiny and Toya? First of all you can't even understand not a damn thing they are saying. Frankie don't have no teeth and you can still understand her! Secondly, my eyes hurt looking at the fug that is Tiny. She honest to goodness has the face of a beast that eats pork. Her daughter from her first baby daddy is very pretty so thank GOD for her baby daddy's DNA cuz she ain't get none of that from Tiny. Third, did Toya really go huntin for her mother in the street? Something about that seemed real staged and fake and why is this what we have to see? And why doesn't T.I. want Tiny to work? She wouldn't be able to be successful as a singer by herself anymore because you can't look at her without gettin bubble guts. Xscape is a wrap - and Biggie done already proclaimed them the ugliest girl group ever - but I still listen to my Xscape cds. So it seems like she could sing back-up and continue to write songs. Is T.I. really that insecure? Why would he be threatened by her working? Lastly, I really wish Toya and/or BET would express somehow that having babies at 14 years old is not cute. 99.9% of the time you will not 'luck' out and have a baby with a future rapper millionaire.

Come on BET. Please. Is this all we have? Is this all Black people are about? I know that train wrecks are what bring the ratings but we watch so many other shows on so many other networks WHY won't you challenge us? Give us options. Maybe we can prove to you that we actually have brains and we don't just care about money, clothes and hos. We don't just care about crack head mamas and baby daddies in jail. We are so much more than this BET. Stop exploiting us. I KNOW Viacom is now your parent company and WE are no longer in full control but dammit when does somebody say hell to da naw, we won't continue to sell the stereotypes and disasters? It's time BET. Fight the powers that be.

I didn't even feel like it "Anonymous" but there you go. Hope you're happy. And I'm keepin you "Anonymous" cuz people don't need to know YOU watched that bullshit either.


Elle said...

Well said. I didn't watch for just that reason. I feel like it will only end up making me violently ill. I'll pass.

iluv... said...

Bubble guts..., FU u r a damn fool, lol.

I caught the end of it and I couldn't get pass her face. It seems like she was suppose to be a pretty girl but something went terribly wrong and I spent all night trying to figure it out.

The part that i was able to pay attention to appeared to be staged/fake (at the end when they were having girl talk).