Thursday, July 30, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Reminded Why I LOVE This Show...

This time, they chose to show the Emmy nominated routines that had us watchin in total amazement and awe of the spectacularness that is attempted and created by the most talented dancin individuals. Oh wait...did I just use too many words like Lil C? I talk too much and prolly use too many words too which is why I try to be understanding of his ass but I think he uses "big" words for no reason and talks for days just cuz he's short. Gotta use something "big" huh, Lil C?

Back to what's more important, tonight's show was fantastic. I loved the opening number performed by the top 6, which was a sad clown contemporary routine choreographed by Tyce Dioro.

Then Will and Jessica perform one of the best routines on SYTYCD!!! Will's body is sick. He looks GOOD! And as I've said before, Will can dance the hokey pokey and you'll think Alvin Ailey created that piece. And Jessica has stepped her game up too. I see somebody's been practicin. That performance was better tonight than it was when they first performed it.

Then Twitch and Katee do Mia Muichael's number with the door. Duffy's song Mercy. Loooooooove this dance!!! I loved the door dance when they danced it the first time and I love it now! Twitch of course is one of my faves of all time but I loved me some Katee too. So happy I got to rezsugsh this dance!

Chelsea and Joshua...with a baldy. I'm not used to seein him without hair. But I do memba that booty. Not my fave this time or last but great to see Joshhua and his booty.

And definitely one of my all time SYTYCD performances ever Chlesie and Mark's Nap & Tab's Hip-Hop Bleeding Love routine. Oh Mark..he's so cute. My recap for this last season kind of says it I really friggin watch this show man!

We were just reminded that last season was the best SYTYCD season ever and with the exception of a few people (Brandon, Janette, Ade) and a few fabtabulous amazing routines, this season kinda sucks. I think much of this season has been based on choreography and not really the dancing and/or dancers. Cuz for real, for real, Jeanine wouldn't be in nobody's finale if this was last season. But anyway....

Going to the finale:

At this point, if Brandon doesn't win, which would be horribly dreadful and ridiculous cuz he is absolutely the best of the 'best' it doesn't matter...he is going on to do MAJOR things. Just like er'body else who was dope on SYTYCD. My bestie GMV just saw Will in "The Wiz" with Ashanti...and basically, Will and his body was better than Ashanti.